Thu 6 May 2021

Full Frame: Philippines vs Sri Lanka (2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers – Round 1, Leg 2)

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Whether you missed the game last Sunday or you just want to reminisce the the Azkals’ win against Sri Lanka, here is Fullcourtfresh.com’s compilation of some of the games’ best scenes, taken as they happened on the field.

Photos by Jenner Ong.

Dark rain clouds loom at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, the battlefield for the second leg of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between the Philippines’ Azkals and Sri Lanka’s Brave Reds.


The Philippines’ First XI with some kids from Tuloy sa Don Bosco shelter (click for a bigger photo): (L-R) Phil Younghusband, James Younghusband, Paul Mulders, Angel Guirado, Chieffy Caligdong, Manny Ott, Stephan Schrock, Anton del Rosario, Rob Gier, Neil Etheridge, and Aly Borromeo


Chieffy Caligdong, a striker from the Philippine Air Force, salutes to the flag while the half-Filipino Azkals sing what they remember from their much-practiced “Lupang Hinirang.”


A girl seemingly swoons after being given a high-five by Phil Younghusband.


Chieffy Caligdong sends a cross from the left wing in one of the earliest goal attempts in the game.


Under heavy rain, Phil Younghusband dribbles the ball in midfield while James Yunghusband and Kilki Kumara try to catch up.


Chieffy Caligdong controls the ball inside the goalie’s box…


and scores! Teammates mob Chieffy who opened the scoring against Sri Lanka 19 minutes into the game.


The crowd celebrate the first goal of the Azkals! But with 70+ minutes left ’til the final whistle, victory is still too early to tell.


Rain-soaked James (7) and Phil Younghusband (10), together with Dilki Kumara (18), Fazul Rahman (5) and Bandara Warakagoda during a dead ball situation.


Stephan Schrock tackles the ball off of Kolitha Lankesara’s possession.


After narrowly evading the Sri Lankan keeper in his box, Phil Younghusband directs the ball into the net to put the Azkals ahead 2-0 in the game’s 43rd minute.


Chieffy Caligdong battles for ball possession into the closing minutes of the first half.


De La Salle University football coach Hans Smith takes a breather during the game’s half time.


With the sky clearing up and the sun starting to brighten up the stadium, a large Philippine flag is paraded on spectators at the Rizal stadium.


Live witnesses to Philippine football history, fans jubilantly wave to the camera before the start of the second half.


Angel Guirado of CD Ronda (under Spanish Tercera Division) beats Manjula Fernando in the box to score the Azkals’ 3rd goal in the 50th minute of the game.


Teammates embrace Angel Guirado while Philippine fans applaud the half-Spanish booter in celebration of his goal.


Stephan Schrock goes down in pain after being fouled by Lahiru Tharaka in the penalty area.


Referee Kim Sang Woo stops a small scuffle between Manny Ott and Chathura Gunarathna as he prepares a yellow card for Lahiru Tharaka, who earlier committed a foul on Stephan Shrock.


Phil Younghusband strikes to convert a penalty kick awarded after a committed foul on teammate Stephan Schrock inside the box.


Phil Younghusband sends flying kisses to the crowd while Safraz Kaiz walks in dismay after the Azkals sealed its victory against the Brave Reds with 4-0 in the 57th minute.


Stephan Shrock gets a piggy-back ride from Phil Younghusband as they wave to the cheering crown in celebration of the Azkals’ 4th goal.


Dilki Kumara denies Stephan Schrock possession of the ball.


Chieffy Caligdong is stretchered off of the playing field after receiving an injury.


Neil Etheridge deflects one of the very few goal attempts of the Sri Lankan booters.


Chieffy Caligdong briefly goes back into play and battles Dilki Kumara for possession. Caligdong later gets substituted by Roel Gener.


Angel Guirado reacts after the linesman calls an offside.


After coming in the game for Phil Younghusband, Ian Araneta attempts to score against the keeper, but repeatedly misses the net.


Angel Guirado continues to attack the goal as well. The sky has cleared at this time.


Stephan Schrock gestures to the Sri Lanka’s 4-man wall — Lahiru Tharaka, Bandara Warakagoda, Dilki Kumara, and Rohana Ruwan Dinesh. Later on, Dinesh gets ejected from the playing field after incurring his second yellow card for handling the ball.


Angel Guirado flicks a slow ball into the net for a seemingly easy goal, while Kolitha Runs to prevent the Fil-Spanish forward from scoring.


Filipino fans celebrate the Azkals’ victory after the final whistle of the FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifying match.


Defender Rob Gier greets the Azkals’ supporters as the team takes their victory lap around the Rizal stadium.


Seen here are (L-R) Eduard Sacapaño, Manny Ott, Roel Gener, Misagh Bahadoran, Chieffy Caligdong (far center), Paul Mulders, Ricardo Becite, Aly Borromeo, and Christopher Camcam as they greet their wild supporters after winning over Sri Lanka, 4-0, to book a meeting against Kuwait on July 23 and 28.


Supporters wave to the Azkals while celebrating the nationals’ victory against Sri Lanka.


Anton Del Rosario, James Younghusdband and Rob Geir waves to the crowd while an emotional Neil Etheridge, wearing a photo with his deceased grandfather on his shirt, looks on.


Paul Mulders, Anton Del Rosario, Rob Gier, and James Younghusband gamely poses for the cameras while celebrating their victory against Sri Lanka.


It’s a wild celebration for Azkals! Aly Borromeo tries to carry Rob Gier while Stephan Shrock goes topless as they take their victory lap. With them in this shot are Anton del Rosario (4), Christopher Camcam (in white shirt), Misagh Bahadoran, Roel Gener, and Manny Ott.


Azkaleros celebrate the Philippine National Men’s Football Team’s victory at the Rizal stadium


National Coach Michael Weiss gets an embrace after leading the Azkals to their 4-0 victory against Sri Lanka. They will now face Bahrain in two friendlies before going against Kuwait on July 23 and 28.


Azkaleros and Kaholeros are still high with pride and joy after witnessing the Azkals beat the Brave Reds 4-0.


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