Sat 20 October 2018

Review | Starbucks 2018 Planner

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Once the jack-o-lanterns have been removed and Christmas garlands have been uncovered (they’ve been there since September), it’s again time for the annual how-will-I-attempt-to-plan-my-next-year decision-making, with Starbucks Philippines offering yet another tempting option for those who swore last year not to splurge. Yes you’re breaking your new year’s resolution this late in 2017.

SnapseedThe Starbucks 2018 planner are available in two brush stroke-themed covers, one light green and another blue-and-green hardbound cover in two sizes like last year’s. Your choice won’t matter though with a thin leather sleeve available (dark brown for the light green and tan for the blue and green) that you’d want to use frequently to show its own character.


Each planner comes with a special Starbucks Card, a nice treat for collectors and a great way for non-card owners to get started. But don’t get too excited though as you have to wait until January to activate it and get a chance to win loads of coffee. The first available month for use is on January anyway (not much bonus December days), but nothing’s stopping you from carrying it around as soon as you get a planner.


The special vinta card next to one of the new Christmas designs



Aside from the card, planners also come in with a stencil sheet that’s ruled at a side, and a calendar that folds up to a 3-sided cup, with one side as a reminder of Starbucks’ 20th anniversary in the Philippines.


This time, blank pages are on the left while spaces for a whole week are on the right. Each month starts with suggested activities to keep your planner interesting. Layout-wise, there’s no difference between the small and regular sizes.


Now, about the paper. It’s our 3rd year reviewing Starbucks planners (a huge thanks to Starbucks Philippines), and we really check the paper. There are many types of planner users out there and the options for writing materials are endless, so we tried out as many as we can.

This year’s paper may be thin (you can make out the print on the previous leaf), but it passes the test. Only the markers and oil-based fineliner went through, so your fountain pens and brush pens are safe.


Mechanics are still the same with 18 stickers required for you to get your own planner.  There’s a new Christmas flavor, Vanilla Nougat, and we think it is good. Also, remember that only two sticker cards can be combined to redeem your choice of cover. Sticker-collecting has started, and may you get that much-needed help in your quest.



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