Mon 22 July 2024

From the 15th Parallel: Isko reporter touched by Adamson’s gallant stand

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While my heart bleeds Maroon, it also bleeds seeing Adamson losing.

I sat in the Adamson side and was beside Adamsonians and some of their pep squad members for there were a couple of vacant seats on their side, unlike the SRO Maroon gallery. They were cheering hard and loud but believe me, they’re the most respectful crowd I’ve ever seen. They do not curse, they are knowledgeable about the game, and they have class. There were several bad calls on both side but they’re dignified when pointing out unfavorable calls. And most of all, the Adamson crowd was predominantly young and masa–no trapos, big capitalists, school bureaucrats, or celebrities stealing the limelight from the students.

When the buzzer sounded, I saw this young cheerleader not tearing up, but I could see her eyes swelling, fighting back those tears. I remember watching UP vs UE games with my cousin (a UE alumnus) at the time when the Red Warriors were very dominant whilst the Maroons were sore losers. I would feel the same emotion of that Adamsonian cheerleader and her comrades after the Maroons would habitually lose by 30+.

And watching how the Falcons left everything on the floor, with Ahanmisi and Sarr cramping, I have nothing but praise for them. They’re a most worthy opponent and it sucks to beat a fellow underdog writing their own Cinderella narrative. As fellow Iskolar ng Bayan Kaye Notob reminded me, Adamson is UP’s spouse: Both went down the cellar but both rose up to prominence at almost the same span of time.

In any case, I hope next season, it would be a UP-Adamson finals in men’s basketball. They’re a great team with a great coaching staff, with a gallant studentry of working-class background which a kwek-kwek and isaw eater like me could relate with.

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