Fri 21 September 2018

Purrfect HONY parody in Cats of Manila

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Humans of New York (HONY) of Brandon Stanton has been widely successful that it has spawned a bunch of variants on Facebook. Type “Humans of” at the search bar and you’d find names of places completing the phrase.Inevitably, the “Humans of” craze hit the Philippines, with various pages names formatted like “Humans of School Vicinity Name Goes Here.”

The local clutter was too much for a photographer-writer duo and they decided to call cat litter what it really is, forming a unique page  ”currently managed anonymously by a kindle of kittens” that has outliked Pinoy clones in existence.

Cats of Manila’s FB page admin really gave us the .jpg version of this .gif.

That page is Cats of Manila, where seemingly-usual cute cat photography is beefed up with witty captions

“We put up Cats of Manila to poke fun at HONY and its clones. HONY may have pioneered the “portrait with a story” project, but its clones try so hard to elicit emotion and inject philosophy into each post,”  said the writer, who wished to stay anonymous, to Shoot.PH. “Sometimes the clones try so hard to be “deep and emotional” that it comes off as pretentious, which HONY is certainly not.”

“Plus we both really like cats so that’s how this whole ridiculous idea got started.”

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