Thu 23 May 2024

Atenean loses wedding ring at grand alumni homecoming — and finds it!

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Alumni homecomings are famous for igniting passionate merrymaking and also, unrestrained behavior. With the overflowing booze, one can truly lose themselves — and even their personal belongings.

At the recent Ateneo de Manila University Grand Alumni Homecoming party entitled “The Blue Legacy” which was held on December 8 at the school’s high school covered courts, Atenean, Gene Lim found a gold wedding band inscribed with the name “Evarose” and the year “2000.” The following day, December 9, Gene promptly posted about this on the Atenista Facebook group page saying, “To the one who got married to Evarose in 2000 but lost your wedding ring sometime this week, you may pick it up from the ADMU High School guards.” He then added a request for the would-be claimer. “Please present your marriage contract to prove ownership. #lostweddingring”

The announcement immediately generated reactions from the members of the group. Some proposed theories about how the ring was lost. Rod Lim said, “Baka nag-away at binato?” Pinky Breva proffered that the couple might have been alumni of the teams that competed in the UAAP Men’s Basketball Finals. She said, “Possible ADMU-UP union? Binato n’ung natalo. Nasobrahan sa yabang nung nanalo.”

It didn’t take long for another Atenean, Mark Flores, to find the possible owner by posting a screenshot of the Facebook account of Evarose Alvarez Capco who is married to Oliver James N. Capco, who, turns out, is a member of the Ateneo High School Class of 1988—one of the homecoming batches.

Rod complimented Mark’s sleuthing skills by saying, “Sisiw si Gil Grissom sa iyo,” referring to the forensic entomologist character portrayed by actor William Paterson in the TV series, “CSI.”

A couple of friends tagged Oliver in Gene’s post and almost immediately, Oliver commented on the thread admitting that he had lost his wedding ring. “Was looking for that,” he said. “Where can I claim it? And to the one who found it many thanks!” Eventually, Oliver also confessed that the ring fell off (which he also said didn’t fit the “original finger,” anymore) due to flurry of homecoming festivities. “Isa lang ang masasabi ko… warat kagabi.”

The recovery of the ring could be Oliver’s reward for turning over an expensive watch that he had come across when he was in high school. “Remembered way back in HS when I found a TAG (Tag Heuer) watch and brought it to the HS ADMU office. Wondered if it was also claimed then…”

Many Atenistas were happy that Oliver was able to retrieve the ring. “Solved!” said Mark. To which, Rod replied, “(The) power of social media.” And to which Oliver quipped, “Likewise… the power of an Atenista!”

Toto Ferrer remarked, “A truly HAPPY ENDING. One Big Fight & Love from ATENEO.”

Oliver wearing the retrieved wedding ring

But not before Oliver got some ribbing.

“Awkward questions on where the ring was,” said Daniel Escasa.

“All’s well that ends well! I just hope there was no OBF last night at the homefront,” said Jun Lopez.

“Buti na lang may nakakita at naibalik,” said Jonathan Mendoza. “Na-imagine ko na ang itsura ni misis kung tuluyang nawala. Hahaha!”

“’Kala ko Lord of the Rings,” said Robby Apelo.

Others couldn’t help but wonder how Oliver’s wife, Evarose, responded to the loss and discovery of the ring. “Napatawad ka ba Oliver James N. Capco?” Nonong Velasco asked pointblank.

Oliver disclosed that Evarose was far from upset. “Pati siya tawang-tawa,” he said.

“Ah tawang-tawa pala ha,” Jonathan Mendoza interjected. “Wait, PM ko (si Evarose) para gatungan.”

You can read the funny and inspiring thread here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214833772931863&set=gm.2318038345106838&type=3&theater&ifg=1

Gene was surprised that his good deed was written about in this website. He wrote on the thread, “Hahaha! I never thought this would generate that much publicity… I’m just happy that the wedding ring finally got back to my fellow Atenean.”

Upon further reflection—as Ateneans are wont to do—Oliver expressed hope that this story of finding the ring inspires and delights many others. “Laughter is medicine,” he said. “I guess I provided one for a great day… Cheers!” He also realized that he was very lucky. “Come to think of it, losing something that small in a huge school and finding it? Now, what are the odds of that?!… Truly amazing!”

In a related incident, Erick Bartolome dropped his car key at the ADMU College 1993 reunion held at Studio M in Metrowalk last November10. The one who found the key, Carlo Kintanar, took the mic during the program and made an announcement but Erick was too busy partying to notice. “I was not listening,” he admitted on his batch’s FB page. “’Yan ang excuse mo 25 years ago in class,” Rod Lim teased Erick. “’Yan pa rin ang excuse mo hanggang ngayon!”

Five days later, Erick retrieved the item from their batch president, Jun Cuenca, after it was posted on FB that the key was surrendered to the latter —who, on the other hand, was too giddy to be aware that his friends had put it in his sling bag that night for safekeeping. 

Erick holding the retrieved car key

Non-Ateneans can say many things about the alumni from Loyola Heights, but Nonong believes that one thing that Ateneans are is that they are true. “Buti na lang honest ang mga Blue Eagles.”


Note: The author is an alumna of the Ateneo de Manila.

Special thanks to Gene Lim and Oliver James N. Capco and Atenista Facebook Group

Photo credits: Gene Lim, Oliver James N. Capco and Jun Cuenca

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