Sun 22 October 2017

Archers’ tips for froshies

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Before La Salle clashes with Ateneo this coming Saturday, some Green Archers shared tips that froshies should remember.

Hey Lasallian froshies! Congratulations on surviving your first few days as a college student. If you’re still wondering how you’re going to make it through this seemingly unfamiliar territory, we’ve got some tips from some of your favorite Green Archers. Having been through all of this before (and more), these student-athletes have offered some tips on how you can make the most of your college experience.


“Dapat mag-enjoy lang in school. Wag aral ng aral, marami kang mamimiss. Mag aral lang kung may test (hahaha). Always watch UAAP games live, especially Ateneo-La Salle, and be friends with athletes para masaya and para madali ang tickets sa games.”

Particular places to eat: “Agno, Celdy’s, debbie’s, saka madami sa One Archers.”


“Enjoy school activities more, and join orgs na cool para you’ll keep yourself busy. If you don’t smoke and you don’t want to smell like ‘sigarilyo’ don’t eat in Agno.”

“I think One Archers is a good place to eat lunch, not too far and air con. Particular places to eat: “Manang’s, Food Channel, and Jap-ok. University Mall also, good place to eat.”


“Avoid having classes at Andrew, and make friends with the guards and DO’s. Avoid having 8am classes. Agno is the best place to eat.”


Lost inside the campus? Here's a map for you. Graphic by Andrew Pamorada


Get to know and hang out with your blockmates, it’ll help you adapt to college life easier. Be open to new ideas. College is where you’ll learn to discover who you really are, and ENJOY! Enjoy every moment, before you know, you’ll be graduating



Avoid walking in groups, memorize all the school cheers and yells, and never be late in class



Enjoy school, never cut classes, read in advance, eat in Agno and try Zark’s.

Have this school hymn cheat sheet handy when going to any of the Archers' games, in case you haven't memorized it yet. Graphic by Andrew Pamorada

Meanwhile, here are some additional tips from our green-blooded staffers (check the HQ version of the DLSU map here). Feel free to add more in the comments section!

  • Save the school rivalry for the UAAP.
  • General subjects can help raise your GPA. Do not disregard them.
  • Be alert. While the campus is safe, the environment outside is not exactly ideal for you to be wandering around with a cellphone on one hand and an iPad in the other while happily listening to music through your noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Never leave your things unattended. EVER.
  • Manila is an interesting place. If you have long breaks, explore.
  • There is more to life than Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
  • Read your handbook. It helps.
  • Failing one subject will come back to bite you in the ass come enrollment time. Good luck.
  • Immortality. It may or may not apply to your batch. Ask around.

List compiled by Vyn Radovan and Ericka Alcantara.

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