Wed 20 June 2018

3 tidbits on why One OK Rock rocks

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One OK Rock is coming to Manila on January 19. So why is the J-Rock band worth watching live? Here are some reasons.

1) They performed the music for the Rurouni Kenshin movies.

So you were you kind (or awestruck) enough to sit through the first movie’ ending credits, right after Kenshin Himura and Kamiya Kaoru made that heartwarming homecoming dialogue.

Were you shocked to hear an English song at the end of the movie?

Did you then initially tableflip that they chose an English song for an anime’s live action adaptation, only to realize that the words suddenly changed to Japanese?

Yes. You were not alone. Also, there’s no other way to describe that moment.

One OK Rock went on to sing for Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

…and Rurouni Kenshin: A Legend Ends.

But One OK Rock music won’t be used in the movies if they weren’t any good. But they’re damn good. Especially their lead singer. Which leads us to the 2nd tidbit.

2) Taka, One OK Rock’s lead singer, is insanely good.

Taka’s range is enviable. He could easily hit those high notes at one point then go mellow at another. Like this personal favorite.

But vocal talent is in his genes. His parents Shinichi Mori (born Kazuhiro Moriuchi) and Masako Mori are both singers, while his brother is also with another band, My First Story.

In an alternate universe, however, Taka would be singing in typical Japanese boyband fashion with NEWS under Johnny’s Entertainment, a talent agency known for scouting young boys and turning them into superstars. If you’re not familiar with Japanese boybands, Arashi should at least be familiar. If not, you can Google Jun Matsumoto or Ninomiya Kazunari. You’re welcome.

Now back to Taka’s damn good vocals, which leads to our 3rd tidbit on why One OK Rock rocks.

3) One OK Rock’s songs mix Japanese and English.

For self-proclaimed hardcore fans, if won’t matter if the band sings Japanese or English songs. They’re good. Period.. But if you’re an outsider who only recently had an interest in this band, knowing that they can sing in a language that you can understand (unless you know Nihonggo then we stand corrected) will make it easier to like them

So here’s a cover they did on a Terry Crews classic.

Rockers singing A Thousand Miles. Now don’t you want to see them live?


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